Drones for riot control “Flying Warden”

Has already developed drones that can carry a 15kg payload and effectively spray a multi acre field with suitable liquid within a 20 min period. The drones are enhanced with capabilities to take photos of crowds at high resolution, which can be fed into our AI – ML system that can identify faces, run recognition across databases and social media. The proposed solutions involves the use the of the Flying Warden to identify and tag the miscreants involved in crimes such as drugs usage, arson, petty theft, spray paint / graffiti, public urination, etc in region which cannot be effective monitored by police personal on regular basis. Anti drone defense system – in house development, in discussions with a major listed defense conglomerate for co-development.

Our first successful development partnership in India is with the Jasan Infra Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the $6 billion Accord Group. We are co-developing a Personal Safety Drone along with a Security On Demand logistics solutions for the Indian market.