We have in house capabilities to development critical solutions for the security and defense space and are currently working on a number of indigenous technologies such as

T-series Unmanned Tank Development

Current Armoured Vehicles tradeoff between augmenting their visual scope with personnel mounted on or near the vehicle; and the safety of the personnel. By getting a machine to provide the same or better level of visuals, it augments the capabilities of the vehicle by speeding up information processing, and also helps save precious human lives. The flagship project of BBB looks to develop AI powered Autonomous Unmanned Tank Plugins which will work on late T families of tanks (T-72 and later), which have the specific information bus for integration with an engine, transmission, etc. The T-90 Bhishma (1800 tanks by 2020) and T-72 Ajeya (2000 tanks) battle tanks are the Main Battle Tanks owned by the Indian Army both of which can be integrated easily.

Smart Fencing System

Big bang boom solutions have developed a ‘smart fencing system or SFS’ that can be used for various security applications in remote and hostile environment. The system is capable of differentiating a threat / neutral situation without human attention and take appropriate counter measures automatically.

BN based Hybrid Personal Combat Armor

We intend to create a framework of AR500 steel armor plate, with a mesh like structure which can hold small one inch square of single crystal cubic boron nitride. It is expected to have superior armor capabilities, while being able to provide lighter and a pseudo reactive armor effect to personal armor. The small hexagonal or square CBN tiles shall be encased within the matrix either by isostatically pressing them into the heated matrix, or by gluing them with an epoxy resin.

Drones for riot control “Flying Warden”

Has already developed drones that can carry a 15kg payload and effectively spray a multi acre field with suitable liquid within a 20 min period. The drones are enhanced with capabilities to take photos of crowds at high resolution, which can be fed into our AI – ML system that can identify faces, run recognition across databases and social media. The proposed solutions involves the use the of the Flying Warden to identify and tag the miscreants involved in crimes such as drugs usage, arson, petty theft, spray paint / graffiti, public urination, etc in region which cannot be effective monitored by police personal on regular basis. Anti drone defense system – in house development, in discussions with a major listed defense conglomerate for co-development.

Our first successful development partnership in India is with the Jasan Infra Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of the $6 billion Accord Group. We are co-developing a Personal Safety Drone along with a Security On Demand logistics solutions for the Indian market.

360 Advanced Battle Interface

360 view for Armored Vehicles – iDex Challenge – The technology developed can be projected onto a helmet worn by an operator in the vehicle or onto a glass within the safe confines of the vehicle. Its shows a 360 degree view around the tank with labels of friendly tanks. It can also mark out distances between two points. A sample image of a tank convoy is shared below.

Carbon Fiber Development and Winding

Intended to focus on development and manufacturing of carbon fibre component structures such as barrel assembly of a rocket launcher, armour for body, vehicles and aircrafts, and other design specific demands in the defence industry. CF or COPV materials can be used for pressuried canisters also, but are primarily useful in reducing weight in weapons such as rocket launchers.

Armor Piercing Incendiary Rounds

In association with Jasan Infra, we are setting up a production unit for specialized ammunition such as High-explosive incendiary/armor-piercing ammunition (HEIAP), which is a form of shell which combines armor-piercing capability and a high-explosive effect. Typically designed for weapons such as heavy machine guns and anti-materiel rifles, the primary purpose of these munitions is armor penetration with better beyond armor effects. The initial collision ignites the incendiary material in the tip, triggering the detonation of the HE charge. A planned second incendiary charge is also included which burns at a very high temperature, is not easily extinguished, and can last up to 15 minutes.